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As a developer, I use my command line a lot so why not integrate chat directly into it?
whir aims to close this gap by providing a simple, flexible, extend-able and blazing fast chat environment, without having to install additional applications.

whir does not store messages in any form.

whir is written in JavaScript and you should have installed the latest version of Nodejs.

$> npm install -g whir.io


  • --user || -u Your username (per channel) Required
  • --channel || -c Channel you are joining (or creating) Default: [random]
  • --host || -h Whir's host Default: chat.whir.io
  • --pass || -p Password, for private channels
  • --mute || -m Mute this conversation


$> whir.io --user=stefan --channel=friends


$> whir.io -u stefan -c friends


// Random channel and muted conversation.
$> whir.io -u stefan -m


// Running whir on your own server/domain.
$> whir.io -u stefan -c friends -h myawesomedomain.chat


Once connected, type /help for a list of basic commands.
Type /exit to leave at any time.


You can also setup and run your own whir server.
Here's how to do that: https://github.com/WhirIO/Server